Janeiras are an old cultural tradition in Perre, so the “Grupo de Danças e Cantares de Perre” since 1998, in the sense of preserving and raising funds to cope with the many activities it develops, walk on cold winter nights, the paths of this village, with songs whose lyrics are rewritten and adapted by members of the group or their friends, in songs known to everyone and that are sung and played to all the people of parish without exception.


Perre's fashionable defoliated is recreated annually by the “Grupo de Danças e Cantares de Perre” on the last Saturday of September. In the first years it was held in the mayor square from Viana do Castelo, and was transferred to the churchyard of Perre, where it continues to be held annually and where at midnight never misses the serenade duly staged by members of the group.


Loses in time the tradition of the young people of Perre to make serenades to the girls that they dated or that for another reason admired. They occurred at night, usually in the days following the defoliates or other agricultural activities, where many dates began, allowing the tale to make public their feelings for this or that maiden. In order to preserve this tradition, the “Grupo de Serenatas do Grupo de Danças e Cantares de Perre” was formed. Using only stringed instruments and male voices, they performed in black dresses, singing ballads and popular songs to which they adapted new lyrics, which present in the defoliate of Perre. In addition to this presentation have presented their work a bit throughout the region of Minho.


With the support of INATEL and the longtime friend of this group, Augusto Canário, the concertina’s school was created in 1998. Its main objective was to revive the taste for this instrument and to provide new players for the “Grupo de Danças e Cantares de Perre”, while still maintaining its activity.


The folklore school was created with the aim of developing the taste for folklore as early as possible in children and teenagers. He began the activity by the hand of some elements of the group that made themselves available to teach the youngest the dances and the songs. Most of the young people who are part of the current group passed through the folklore school.


Since the pig slaughter is a tradition of Perre, “Grupo de Danças e Cantares de Perre” annually recreates this tradition, culminating in the confection of "Sarrabulho à moda de Perre", served at its installations and in which civil authorities participate and religious of the parish and those who make a reservation for this typical lunch.

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